I see you, Sister.

Overwhelmed and disconnected from the wonder and magick that is life.

Just like you,

I know what it’s like to be stuck in obligation to those around you 

What it feels like to be eyeball deep in transition

and how easy it can be to default into worry, anxiety or fear . 

And I also know that


and the thoughts that you think determine the world you see! 

Keeper of the Grateful Jar

My name is Krystin

And I am the Keeper of a Grateful Jar.

Every day, for the past six years, I have written down what I am grateful for, folded up the note, and lovingly deposit it into my Grateful Jar.

Then, on Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year, I empty the Jar, unfold and read all the notes, and bask in a year’s worth of gratitude.

That very same day, the annual cycle of gratitude starts all over again.

It began in 2015 as a one-year experiment…

When I wondered,

“How would my life change if I wrote down what I was grateful for… every day… for a year… no matter what?”

Previously, I had explored gratitude journaling on and off.

[Alright, alright, admittedly more off than on.]

But I had just enough experience to know that when I practiced gratitude life seemed, well… easier. 

Some of us are slow learners and can spend too long wading in the muck, because it took me nearly two decades before considering I should focus on gratitude each and every day. 

No matter what.

Because what I learned is no matter what might hit the fan that day, there is ALWAYS something to be appreciated and when we circle back to refocus on gratitude and reconnect with wonder, we invite even more delicious circumstances into our lives!

The Grateful Jar practice changed my life far faster than I ever could have imagined and in ways I never could have dreamt:  my relationships deepened, my blood pressure lowered, and I stopped sweating the small stuff.  I fell in love with my life and began to thrive!

The actual notes from the first year of the practice became a best-selling memoir, and since then I have had the honour of guiding women around the world initiating and maintaining their own Grateful Jar practice. 

Ten Ways The Grateful Jar Project Changed My Life


Your life is going to be just as easy, or as difficult, as you tell yourself it is going to be.

How will your life change if you committed to writing down what you are grateful for every day?

What will shift for you?

What opportunities will present themselves to you?

There is only one way to find out! 

Anchoring myself deeply into this very present moment through my practice of my Grateful Jar helps me glean those (even teenie tiny) things that are rich and bountiful and instills a sense of inner calm and okayness.  There is such value in surrendering those old worry stories and re-aligning with the great life I am truly living!

Carolyn Clarke

Science told me a gratitude practice was good for me, but I didn’t think it was working. The deepening of my practice is what profoundly changed me and I wouldn’t have gotten there on my own!

Donna Hall

A Grateful Jar is a wonderful way to deepen your gratitude practice.  In this busy age, it can be easy to forget your gratitude practice, but this project reminds you of the importance of embedding gratitude into your day!

Glennis Mark, PhD.

I find that keeping my ‘grateful jar’ in view cheers me throughout the day!

Carolyn White