The Grateful Jar Project

A year of daily gratitude

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The Grateful Jar Project began as an experiment.

How would my life be influenced if I dedicated a year to radical gratitude?

If I was determined to focus on being grateful each day. . . no matter what transpired?

The experiment quickly became a powerful anchor in a turbulent year surging with swift change and dramatic redirection.


The Grateful Jar Project goes beyond theory or philosophy by vulnerably demonstrating cultivating a grateful heart in the face of challenges.

Join My Little Roommates and I, affectionately dubbed the Ocean of Estrogen, in our soulful adventure!

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“Krystin has a way with words that is truly life medicine! Reading The Grateful Jar Project transported me to the wonder that surrounds us all.  I love her deep dives into divinity and how she brings everything to life, whether it be a thought, a movement, an unknown whisper, a dog, her Little Roommates, or a jar full of ‘gratefuls’.”  

~Elizabeth MacLeod

Founder, Wild Woman Enchanted 

Author & Illustrator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards