This Isn’t Just A Natal Chart Reading

This Is A Sacred Reunion With Your Truest Self!

Are you at a crossroads or navigating a transition and looking for clarity?

Have you been feeling disconnected or unsure of yourself?

Are you so busy caring for everyone else, that you feel you have forgotten who you are?

Maybe you’re questioning the gifts you have to offer the world?

Are you ready to come back home to yourself?

Powerfully Reconnect With A Natal Chart Reading

Your astrological chart is a snapshot of the solar system overhead at the moment of your birth, and it is said to hold the cosmic blueprint of your personality. 

~Learn why your horoscope doesn’t always seem to fit and discover what other zodiac sign you should be reading

~Recognize energy drains and learn practical energy techniques to create greater vitality

~Better understand your relationship with money, be inspired to make proactive choices and empower your financial health

~Get crystal clear on your emotional needs and discover where you may be recreating interpersonal dynamics so you may open yourself to greater intimacy and experience more satisfying relationships

~Recognize your communication style to help you reduce misunderstandings, experience deeper connection and a greater sense of community

~Explore what duty and success mean to you, recognize how you’re currently of service and profoundly honour your contributions

~Reconnect with natural abilities that you may have dismissed and come into profound alignment with your Inner Being

~Unearth hidden talents, be inspired to reconnect with your gifts, resuscitate your creativity and have more fun in your life

~Appreciate what you need from your home environment so you can create comfortable atmospheres where you can truly recharge

~Reflect on your personal transformations thus far and open yourself to a stream of well-being!

When I purchase a service, I know I’m stepping into an energetic dance with someone. Krystin is a dance master and most definitely did not disappoint with my reading. The time flew by with magical flow and she read and related to me in ways most people don’t and can’t, leaving me feeling safe, supported, understood and vastly inspired through it all.

This invaluable journey with Krystin is one that you can bring into your life for the rest of your days. If you’re contemplating, I say ‘go for it’, because you will love feeling the deepest parts of yourself awaken to your bigger purpose in this life.

I can’t thank you enough, Krystin. Spot on!

Erin Norleen

Natal Chart Readings are $175 (Canadian) and include:

~A healing visualization calling back all splintered aspects of yourself, restoring you to wholeness

~A live and interactive sixty minute reading (please allow up to 75 minutes in your schedule)

~A safe place for you to ask any questions that may arise

~100% confidentiality 

~A beautiful high quality PDF of your natal chart

~A recording of our time together for you to download

~An inspiring reunion with your Highest Self and purest potential. 

Do I need to know my exact time of birth?

The more exact your time of birth, the more accurate your reading will be.

However, you will still gain insights if you are able to narrow it down to an approximate window of time.

Krystin offers an in-depth glimpse into how astrology influences the events happening in our lives. Never having had my chart read before I found it very insightful and would recommend a reading if you want to understand it more. Krystin is patient in answering questions and offers a safe space to explore what comes up so you can understand how to work with the information provided.


My reading with Krystin felt like a glimpse into my soul and psyche. I feel like I finally understand the challenge and the gifts of who I am in a way that can now guide me as I continue to create and live my life. She has a gift for extracting and sharing the truth!

Sandi Amorim, Master Coach

I had no idea what I was really in store for, but it really got me more deeply connected to myself. It was actually an extremely accurate reading. I finished feeling more self confident and appreciative of the hard work I’ve been doing on myself.

Starr Rousseaux

About Krystin…

Having read charts for thousands of individuals, Krystin is a gifted intuitive and a deeply sensitive soul that communicates from her heart.  She powerfully holds space for her clients as they come face to face with their purest essence, as well as relaying information in a very easy to understand way. Her approachable nature immediately puts her clients at ease and creates the freedom for them to ask very honest and candid questions. 

Krystin’s extraordinary gifts were recognized at an early age and she has been mentored in the esoteric all her life.  A lifelong student of Universal Law and Magick, she is an ordained Priestess and a member of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. 

You will notice Krystin’s light immediately.  These aren’t just readings, they are energy infusions!

I met Krystin just a short time ago and knew instinctively that she was someone I could trust and wanted to know better. So I stalked her on Social Media! She posted a special she was offering for birth chart readings, something I’ve had before and know that each reader has a different context they read from. I booked it and am very glad I did. So insightful! Krystin has the ability to explain in plain language all the things about planets, houses, moon and sun that left me feeling informed and excited to own my own potential. She did this in such a way that I felt comfortable asking for clarity and sharing my thoughts. That right there is invaluable. A few words I would use to describe her would be true, kind, compassionate and integrity driven. Now go book your reading!

Jill Prescott

Natal Chart Reading

Readings are usually scheduled within 4-6 week period.

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Thank you Krystin. Your knowledge and insights for all things astrological combined with your ability to relate, share and deliver with clarity, honesty, and efficiency made my online natal chart reading a profoundly validating and worthwhile experience. Through this experience with you I have a new awareness and understanding. I feel more acceptance and compassion for myself, a few pieces of my life story fell into place and with this new awareness, I now move forward, navigating my way through this life with a new found sense of confidence. I am going to gift a natal chart reading to a few members of my family, because I think it will help us understand and deepen our connection. You are brilliant!

Lauri Paul

Krystin captured my true essence, highlighting my inherent core values and especially messaged my leadership strengths. Hearing this at this particular passage of my life is valuable and important. And, since the reading, I’ve been prompted to consider those aspects of my nature she brought to my awareness that can afford some caring attention for the betterment of my choices ahead.

Carolyn Clarke

My session with Krystin was very insightful. She verified many things that have already shifted in my life, as well as things that are to come. Intuitively we may feel what direction we should be taking but it was so reassuring to have Krystin’s confirmation. She did a great job explaining the chart in detail as well as answering any of my questions. She did this in a very kind and gentle way with a splash of humour. I felt so comfortable discussing my life in detail with her and the time just flew by. After the session I had a much clearer vision of my path forward as well as a much better understanding of astrology and how it all works. I would highly recommend you invest in learning your natal chart with Krystin. It really is a road map to your journey here.

Angela Beaumont, Reiki Master