This week an underlying dynamic is going to come to light and require attention and focus.

Remember to lovingly reconnect with your hopes/dreams so that you aren’t sleepwalking through your days.  In the blink of an eye, weeks will morph into years.

Tend to your life as you would an unfolding garden! 

Check out specific eclipse dates and times at the bottom of this post.

How Do You Want To FEEL?

Don’t underestimate your ability to co-create your experience; take a moment at the beginning of your week to identify how you want to feel, then use that as a framework as to scheduling your week.

No one ever says, “I want to feel stressed, depressed or deprived”.  If you want to feel joy- what activities do you need to prioritize to cultivate joy?  

If you want to feel ease- where do you need to delegate, release or ask for support?

If you want to feel clear- then take the time to identify your priorities for the week ahead so that you don’t have muddled moments. 

This Week At A Glance…

Monday April 18:   From seemingly out of nowhere, you’ll be looking at situations with a new perspective!  

Tuesday April 19:  You want to learn, take next steps and have adventures!  Be cautious of the potential for retail therapy, this could be the day you buy that plane ticket you can’t quite afford! 

Wednesday April 20:  Prioritize holding space to reconnect with your long-term vision, dare to dream!  Those dreams are the seeds of your years ahead! 

Thursday April 21: A day of determination in which you want to go, go, go!  But expect the unexpected. 

Friday April 22:  Remember that underlying dynamic coming to light that I mentioned?  

Saturday April 23:  Rest, play and joy are more important that you may realize. 

New Moon Healing Ceremony

Have you been feeling particularly overwhelmed or emotional as of late?

Join me in an intimate online ceremony, gathering in the spirit of healing, love and clarity, so that you feel nourished, hopeful and recentered again.

Taurus New Moon (Partial Solar Eclipse) Healing Ceremony

Friday April 29/22, 6pm (PDT)

Upcoming Eclipses

Partial Solar Eclipse:  Saturday April 30,10° 28’ Taurus 1:27:54pm

Total Lunar Eclipse:  Sunday May 15, 25°17’ Scorpio 9:13:57pm

Which houses are these eclipses happening in for you?  Not certain and want to learn more about your astrological natal chart? 

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Lastly, I am currently booking natal chart readings for late May, and have one client space opening for the Celestial Guidance journey.

Wishing you an open heart, an open mind, and a willingness to dream! 
Thumpity thump thump…
Thumpity thump thump…
Beats my grateful, grateful heart.