In the stars this week at a glance…

The need to cultivate discernment continues to be amplified courtesy of a grand trine between the moon, Mars and Neptune. 

You are being asked to lean into trust, to expand your heart energy (Venus trine Uranus) and combine that with unexpected action (Mars Uranus opposition).

Being sure to practice discernment before said action. When you received the guidance prompting you on that step, how were you feeling? 
Is the thought of expansion or contraction? 

Also, your self care may take an unusual direction this week, courtesy of Venus trine Uranus, don’t get in your own way.  If Spirit is nudging you to try something different, give yourself the opportunity to explore possibilities!  

The Celestial Guidance Journey

Your Soul’s highest purpose has been beckoning to you for years, and it’s not going to diminish, that’s because you have unique gifts that only YOU can contribute to the Collective during this critical time of re-design.

Are you ready to harness the astrological energies as they relate to your chart personally?  Want to infuse more creativity in your life, honour cycles, and create simple practices that will empower you as deliberate creator of your experience?

Is it time to embrace Celestial Guidance?