I Know I’m Not Alone In This

The last few years have been a near constant rolling surge of transitions. 

Sometimes there’s a pause in the waves long enough to get your bearings.  Other times, it seems like you’re consistently churning.  

That’s where I find myself as of late– constantly churning, and after a while, it’s difficult to recognize which end is up. 

Here’s what’s has helped me keep my bearings:

  • Early morning 15 minute meditation. Not as daunting as it may seem, setting an alarm for 15 minutes earlier than I need to get up and sitting in bed listening to bird song or rain falling.  
  • Identifying how I want to feel that day, writing it down and following it up with one thing I can do for myself to help create that emotional experience.
  • The Grateful Jar:  everyday writing down three things I am grateful for.  Looking for community as you establish your own daily gratitude practice?  Click here to learn more about The Grateful Jar Collective:  A Year of Awe & Reverence.

What are your go-to practices that help you stay centered?  I would love to hear!

Astro Energy Forecast for the Week of March 28, 2022

New Moon on Thursday and the beginning of a fresh new lunar cycle.

Over the next couple of weeks it may be increasingly difficult discerning illusion from facts.  One more reason to carve the space to be still and connect with your Higher Self.

You ARE being guided, are you holding the space to hear it?

Aries New Moon Healing Ceremony

Thursday March 31/22 6pm PDT

First New Moon of the Astrological New Year & it’s a potent one!

Here’s what some of last months participants have said…

“Your circle helped pull me into a place of alignment and support”

“Feeling centered, inspired, and hopeful.”

Only 5 spots remain