Ode to a ridiculously, enthusiastic dog who had more love to give, than could comfortably be contained within her body.

Today, six weeks after her passing, I was at a local store and before I had a chance to leave, I found myself in a (very unexpected) embrace with an employee.

“I saw you walking by yourself the other morning, and I had to come give you a hug”

No sooner had I uttered, “You’re going to make me cry” any composure was lost in front of the line up behind me and a (suddenly confused) cashier.

“When I saw you walking without her, I had to pull over and cry myself”

I don’t know this woman’s name, we aren’t connected on social media, but she drove past the two of us nearly daily for the last six years on our morning walks.

Somewhere, Bella is doing her ridiculously enthusiastic bumwaggle of delight that even though she never actually met this woman, this woman felt her presence.

Two legs.

Four legs.

You never know who will be touched by your smile alone.