At the beginning of May, I felt like I had lost the plot to life.  Transition is often overwhelming, and when we are in the centre of the whirlwind, it is particularly discombobulating.

So I took the opportunity to connect with my journal and write out what I know for certain.  Here’s what flowed,

“What I know for certain is that I am a spiritual, non-physical energy having a physical human experience, and I came here to feel ALL of the feels… and I am having a rich, deep experience.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that anytime I have walked through overwhelming transition, it has always been amazing on the other side!

Every… single… time.

I have so much evidence of that.  So much evidence that the better it gets, the better it gets… non-negotiably!

I know that my thoughts and emotions create my experience and I know that I have been emitting a lot of fear and anxiety.  I know for certain that in this contrast I have been doing a LOT of asking, and now it is time for me to re-attune myself to possibility, and the experience that I desire. 

I know that I have very unique and specific gifts that I love using. 

I love helping people find their centre- and I’m very good at that! 

I love helping people reconnect with hope- and I’m very good at it! 

I love how people respond to my presentations. 

I love connecting and inspiring… and I am freaking amazing at that! 

I know that I deeply crave growth, leaning and expansion, and that I detest stagnancy, so how I feel right now makes absolute sense! 

I will not turn my away from this adventure. 

I will not accept stagnancy in the guise of security. 

I am my own security and I will not shirk away from feeling empowered.

I want to feel exhilarated, I want to feel powerful, I want to feel creative and I want to experience immense hope and beauty. 

I want to expect miracles and to have absolute faith in the delightful surprises that are around every corner.  I want to thrive!”

The moment that I got really clear on what I know for certain, and identified how I want to feel, there was a potent shift.

Using those insights, I was able to return to the experiences that help me feel uplifted and make them the North Star of my days.  Making myself, and my wellness, my #1 priority, and most importantly, carving the time every morning to ensure I started the day with a sense of empowerment and possibility.


What do you know for certain?