In my neck of the woods only a few maple leaves remain on the branches, mossy spots have returned to their deep lush greens and the squirrels and birds are busy in their seasonal preparations. 

My morning walks with my canine familiar Bella are slowing, much to her impatience, as I take the time to kneel down to explore new angles or pause to watch chickadees feasting on pine cones overhead.  Images of mushrooms and moss fill my camera roll. 

Before the clocks rolled back, I had been enjoying witnessing the morning transformation of daybreak.  It seemed a near shock when I woke up last Monday and it was already daylight.  “Why don’t you just wake up earlier?” my youngest asked me.  Oh the unheralded wisdom of youth!

So I have been. 

Rising earlier just so I can sit relaxed next to the window savouring the transition of early morning sky.  The first appearance of light from behind the hilltops, as though Creator just squeezed “lumination” onto the pallet and is brightening the sky one broad brushstroke at a time.

Sunrise only lasts a matter of moments… and in the blink of an eye it can be missed. Yet holding that space to bear witness infuses my day with appreciation for this spinning rock we are on. 

Creating the time and opportunity to witness and savour whatever transition I can… in the easiest ways I can.

New Beginnings Start In The Dark

The dark portion of the year is rolling in like a surging wave breaking upon the shore, bringing with it an invitation to cultivate stillness.  To curl up beneath a cozy throw blanket with a cup of tea and bask in gratitude. 

Appreciating nourishment.
Savouring warmth.
Connecting with whom we can. 

We are surrounded by so much evidence of cycles transitioning right now.

Acknowledge them.
Witness them.
Honour them.

There are only seven weeks left in 2020… and don’t worry… This isn’t dissolving into a “Rah! Rah! Get your goals ready for 2021!!” message.

This is a soulful reminder that everything is always in flux. Every beginning comes from something ending… and new beginnings start in the dark.

Those beautiful iconic red and white toadstools, they are beginning to wilt to the side and begin their descent into decay.  

Yet another reminder to practice letting go and appreciating the beauty evident in that transition too.

Honour What You Have Navigated

This has been a tough year… and we, the collective, are in the middle of transition and I wish I could tell you that next year there will be a miraculous shift. 

Imagine that we are climbing a staircase… there are a few more flights before we reach the destination.  Though our legs are growing strong, and we are getting accustomed to the climb… we are tired.

And sometimes… you just have to rest…. and give yourself a breather before taking the next step. 

Take what time you can to rest. 

To let your mind off the hook from wanting to figure it all out. 

Practice saying no and let stuff go. 

Honour all that you have navigated this year… bear witness to the cycles… and appreciate that it will in time get easier, and if you’re paying close attention, you’ll recognize that it already is getting easier and easier. 

Give yourself the opportunity to feel all that is arising without judging the feelings.  There are no “bad” feelings and there are no “good” feelings. All emotions are indicators… and no matter how enormous the feelings may seem… you will come out the other side lighter from the emotional journey, expression and release.

Meet yourself with kindness, compassion and deep nurturing… so that we may do the same for others. 

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Hold Space For Stillness

Hold space for stillness and honour cycles, whether that’s by sitting with sunset, sunrise, or beneath the moon.  Embrace  what is easiest for you. 



Appreciate what is.

Take opportunities to create simplicity.

Say no.

Ask for help.

Honour all that is arising… 

And remember to hold space for stillness because you are being guided.  Stillness and silence provides Spirit the opportunity to be heard.

Thumpity thump thump…
Thumpity thump thump…
Beats my grateful, grateful heart. 


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