Today I am grateful for this one and the decade we have spent together.

Last night was a tough one for her, she is giving indications that her discomfort is increasing, and the howling wind had her unsettled, as always.

Today, I am grateful to be her safe space.  For the oportunity to hold her throughout the night creating what comfort and reassurance

I can.

This morning, when she resisted breakfast, I sat in the hallway next to her bowl sipping my morning coffee, until she came and ate.  Ensuring that she would have a belly full of food to stop the acetaminophen from upsetting her tummy.

This morning, I am grateful for this one, and the opportunity to walk with her lakeside, the two of us savouring the unfolding signs of spring.   Then coming back home and helping her find comfort again.

Thank you, Creator, for this one and the string of synchronicities across two provinces that brought us together more than a decade ago.

Thumpity thump thump…

Thumpity thump thump…

Beats my grateful, grateful heart.