Several months ago, I made a very broad intention to become more deeply attuned to unseen natural cycles. I think at the time, I was reeling in grief from the loss of my cinnamon-girl, and felt that I needed to tether myself to Source in new-to-me-ways. At the time, I was thinking along the lines of planetary placements and seasons, yadda yadda yadda. But when you make an intention as broad as mine, it leaves space for the mischievous Universe’s playfulness.

What I didn’t expect to happen, was spending as much time as often as I could lakeside for sunrise.

My very general declaration has also morphed into some very creative month-end practices with my adult son, in the form of crafting our own monthly family calendar and embracing the rhythm of moon phases, all the while daydreaming, casting seeds of intention for our next life chapter(s) and stirring up some very deliberate co-creation/manifestation energies.

Tending to my Grateful Jar for the last seven years really taught me the potency of putting pen to paper.

Last year, I began crafting daily spell sheets. It began with a need to fill the time each morning that I would have taken Ms. B for a walk around the neighbourhood.

Small enough to carry in my back pocket, they include the day’s date, my desired emotional experience for the day, the specific lunar phase, where I am in my menstrual cycle, a summary of the day’s tarot card pull, as well as planetary placements, both in the current sky and how they relate to my own birth chart.

My daily spell sheets also include what time sunrise and sunset is that day, allowing me to watch the rhythm of expanding daylight undulate across my time zone. As well as noting tide information in my local area, before finally noting any appointments and identifying my top 3 priorities for the day ahead.

I love how this one very broad intention of attuning to unseen cycles, would tangibly ripple throughout my experience.

These little spell sheets are tucked into my back pocket every morning, for me to pull out and reconnect with throughout the day, reconnecting with how I want to feel, and what I am inviting to unfold. All around making magick!

In the coming weeks, I plan to share with you the base of my monthly calendar and creative intention setting. Until then, Happy between-eclipses, waxing gibbous (89% illuminated), mercury retrograde, Pluto station retrograde post-Beltane Tuesday!

Yeah, there’s a mouthful!

Here’s to making magick!