Last week the Sun moved through a conjunction with Pluto, and we got very clear on what needs to be cleared.

This is a week of accountability, of discipline and devotion.

What are you going to do to make it so?

A week for boundaries. Not just with those around you, but the ones you have with yourself.

Where are you on the list of your own priorities?  What are you doing to honour the dreams that are tugging at your Soul?

This is an awesome week to look very closely at what needs to be implemented, and breaking it down into itty bitty steps to avoid overwhelm, and taking action!

This energy is building all week long before it is exact on Sunday January 24th.

Remember, your dreams are YOURS for a reason.  The world needs you to breathe life into them, now more than ever.

PS:  this is the last FULL week before Mercury goes retrograde (remember, all the planets are direct right now)  harness this energy!