You’ve probably heard rumblings about it, Mercury goes retrograde

Feb 15 – March 9, 2020.

Mercury retrograde gets such a hard time with such hype as, “Don’t travel or don’t sign contracts!” so it’s easy to find ourselves getting into a knot of apprehension as to what lays ahead for us.

All planets retrograde (except for the Sun, the Moon and Earth) the only reason we hear about Mercury retrograding so often is because Mercury retrogrades three or four times each year.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of all things communication, expression and travel, which is why the “don’t travel, don’t sign contracts” cautions loom large.

Life goes on, and we’d like to still be able to communicate articulately and  leave the house, so how do we harness the energies of mercury retrograde?


Refocus, revisit, review, revise.


Mercury retrograde isn’t anything to be wary of, if anything it is an invitation to deeply reconnect with our lives, identify what’s working, get clear on what’s not, and consider the changes that will create greater flow in our lives.  It is excellent energy for review, editing and identifying necessary changes.

These changes will be supported by Mars that, on the same day as the retrograde, moves into Capricorn.  Mars, planet of personal drive and taking action, is far happier in Capricorn where together the energy supports completion unlike in Sagittarius, where restless Mars was continually distracted by new adventures and opportunities.

There are particular themes within every retrograde, and to identify those themes, you turn to your natal chart (aka birth chart). 

Your natal chart is a snapshot of the solar system at the precise moment of your birth, and it is said to hold the cosmic blueprint of your personality in this lifetime.   

Looking very closely at the placements and alignments of the personal and generational planets validates who you really are.  It offers insight as to your personal strengths and challenges, helps you better understand your life experiences thus far, and reacquaints you with your most potent gifts.

A natal chart reading is a homecoming to your most authentic self. 

So what do we look at regarding this Mercury retrograde? 

You want to identify where Mercury is in your natal chart?

What specifically is it doing? What aspects is it making?

Then turn your attention to where in your chart is Mercury currently travelling. 

Looking specifically to the personal house Mercury is navigating helps narrow down the scope of what needs to be revisited and reviewed

Don’t have your natal chart?  Click here to learn more. 

Don’t be swayed by the superstitious hype of Mercury retrograde, instead, consider it an invitation to slow down, become more mindful, reconnect with your breath and take stock of what’s working… and what’s not.