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Good morning and happy Monday! My name is Krystin, I’m with Kaleidoscope Centre for Soulful Shifts, and I come to you with this week’s astrological energy forecast from the traditinal unceded territory of  the shíshálh Nation.

We begin the week on Monday, March 8th, with the Sun at 18° Pisces, moon is just navigating the last degrees of Capricorn.  Moon will be finishing up in Capricorn until approximately midnight on Tuesday March 9th.  At which point she leaves Capricorn and enters the sign of Aquarius.

Moon will be in Aquarius all day Tuesday and Wednesday, until approximately eight am on Thursday March 11th, when she enters the sign of Pisces.  She will be in Pisces all day Thursday and Friday, until approximately 4pm on Saturday March 13th, when she then enters the sign of Aries.

We are currently in the waning phase of the moon which is the period after the full moon, when she is getting smaller and less visible after the fullness. 

During this period of a waning moon, we are encouraged to look at what it is that we too need to let go of. This is emphasizing how important it is that we tend to our own energy reserves.  To check in, both with our body and with our spirit, to see what it is that we need.  Maybe our spirit needs more laughter, maybe our spirit needs more creativity, maybe it needs stillness.  Check in with your body throughout the day, what does it need?  Maybe it needs more water, maybe it needs more fresh fruits, maybe it needs more movement, but it’s integral that we check in with our own energy reserves and check in often with both our body and our spirit to see what it is that we need, so that we can be as high functioning as possible.  This is not indulgence, this is sustenance, this is resuscitation!  It is crucial that we tend to our energy reserves and honour them and rest when we’re being called to rest so that we may be of service to the Highest Good of All.

Now the last few weeks I’ve been talking about the Sun and Neptune building in a conjunction, and this conjunction is going to be exact on Wednesday March 10th.  This is really… Neptune is divine love, it is that Higher Source, it’s inspiration and the Sun is our spirit and how we rise to navigate the challenges of every day. So really with this Neptune Sun conjunction it’s incredibly important that we create the space for stillness to receive those whispers of guidance from Source and inspiration. 

We also have Venus involved in this, because Venus is travelling along in a near conjunction with the Sun, this is going to be building throughout the weeks ahead.  Venus is ruler of abundance and of creativity and when we match that again with our spirit and how we navigate day-to-day.  Over the next several weeks, this Sun Venus conjunction won’t be exact until Thursday March 25th, we’re really being called to identify what it is that we truly value and are we making that a priority in our life? Whether that’s our rest, our creativity, our outlets, those loving connections… are we prioritizing them?  Are we tending to them? And as I mentioned, this Venus Sun conjunction is going to be building in the weeks ahead and won’t be exact until March 25th.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we’ve also got, I’m circling back to that Sun Neptune conjunction, it’s making a square to North Node, and North Node is our purpose within this lifetime.  Not only are we being called to hold the stillness for inspiration and for guidance, this really is relating to the work that we are here to do in this lifetime, the gifts that we are here to share… being of that loving, heart-felt service. 


This aspect between the Sun and Neptune and the North Node is certainly going to show us the next levels of possible service.  Now that being said, it’s important that we tend to our own energy reserves and sometimes we need that opportunity to slow down so that we can then, after we’re rested, rise again into that next level of service. So don’t put any pressure on yourself! Check in, what it is that you need, and then explore the possibilities as to what the next step may be.

Also all this week, we’ve got the North Node making a trine to Saturn as is Mars.  Saturn, this is our discipline, the choices that we make with regards to our destiny, really, it is respecting the process, whether that is rest… whether that is identifying the next steps and taking tangible action… whether it’s laying out that plan… the Mars making a trine to North Node is really going to support action when you’re energy levels are at that point. Now there may also be some frustration arising, because this does involve Mars…


What needs to be done for you to support- for you to accept it, beautifully, exactly as it is.  What mindsets need to let go of? Put down? So that you can honour yourself and your process and the possibility.  

Again, what is it that you need, both your body and your spirit?  It is crucial that we offer ourselves the opportunity to fill up so that we can offer the beautiful, beautiful gifts that we have to share with the collective.


Now finally, we’ve got a New Moon that’s happening on Satu March 13th at 2:21am (PST) at 23° 3′ of Pisces.


This too is involving Neptune and Venus, as we enter the dark phase of the moon, give yourself the gift of rest. Give yourself the opportunity to contemplate. to hold that stillness. To make that sacred intention to yourself as to your desired experience for the “moonth” ahead.


Thank you very much for your time and your energy, I hope you are well wherever you are at, and I look forward to seeing, or connecting with you again, next Monday!