Your Desired Experience

Before diving into the astrological aspects of the week ahead, I really encourage you to take a moment, connect with your breath, open your heart, and get clear on how you want to feel this week.   

Then identifying the activities and practices that will support that desired emotional experience becoming your reality.  

This clarity easily becomes your True North for your week ahead!

The Week At A Glance

Monday:  A great day for taking disciplined action (courtesy of Mars/Saturn conjunction exact), but be aware of the potential for frustration to spill into anger.

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Great days for connecting, networking and gathering information (courtesy of Moon in Gemini).

Thursday:  Brings with it the potential for retreating to avoid conflict or confrontation (courtesy of Moon in Cancer).  A beautiful day for nurturing your body, mind and spirit.

Friday:  Be cognizant of a wanting to numb out and not feel (courtesy of Jupiter/Neptune exactly conjunct).  Outdated behaviours, even addictions, may raise their heads.  Get outside, breathe deeply and savour nature’s natural willingness to transmute. 

Over the weekend, particularly Sunday, give yourself the opportunity to play and create!

Wishing you much clarity and joyful moments in your week ahead!

Thumpity thump thump…
Thumpity thump thump…
Beats my grateful, grateful heart.