Mercury Just Changed Signs
Mars Will Before The End of the Week
The Beginning of a Powerful (Long-Term) Cycle
Plus, Full Moon Rising! 

Week Ahead At A Glance

Monday April 11:  Mind is incredibly quick right now, be mindful of assumptions or judgements you may easily come to

Tuesday April 12:  The beginning of a brand new, long-term cycle.  You may find yourself spaced-out, but you’re going to want to harness this potency- watch video for more! 

Wednesday April 13:  brings with it a tendency to think about your emotions rather than actually feel them.  Yet feeling them is how you’ll shift and release them.  

Thursday April 14:  Emotions might be larger than life Thursday night, courtesy of moon Jupiter opposition, this is setting the stage for Saturdays’ full moon!  Mars enters Pisces late Thursday night. 

Friday April 15:  First full day of Mars in Pisces, now there are four planets all squeezing into Pisces.  

Saturday April 16:  Full Moon at 11:54am 26° 45’ Libra watch video for more!