Each week, as you know, I provide a brief Astrological Energy Forecast. This week, I’m doing something different and offering you a glimpse of my in-depth report that goes out each Sunday to my Celestial Guidance clients.

This is a wildly transformative year. The kind of year that we look back and realize “That’s when everything changed”

We are being called to shed outdated beliefs
Shift the paradigm
And rise.

Celestial Guidance is a package available to individuals who have had their natal birth chart interpreted by me, and are interested in learning more about astrology AND eager to embrace its influence in their daily life.

It begins with the wildly popular “Year Ahead” reading in which we dive deep into the astrological aspects you’ll be navigating in the upcoming twelve months.

That 90 minutes reading is then followed up by THREE seasonal readings, specifically designed to keep you anchored and harness the aspects ahead as you embark on your next steps.

It also includes an in-depth astrological energy forecast every Sunday (just like this one) covering the week ahead, to help you deeply embrace the cosmic ebb and flow.

That’s twelve months of in-depth, PERSONAL, astrological support. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy your special glimpse into Celestial Guidance.