Today I am grateful for a dog that seems to stop by for a visit every time I sweep the floors, reminding me, she really is still here. A blanket from on my bed that holds her smell, that I swear I won’t wash until it walks itself to the washing machine.

Today I am grateful for a shower by natural light, just as dusk was morphing into darkness at the end of the day. Savouring a moment of pause to attune to the natural rhythm.

Today I am grateful for a rayon tie-dye robe gifted by a friend, that has me feeling both like I’ve been wrapped in a summer breeze and a hug from a friend all at once.

It’s not about denying any aspect of life, bypassing a hurting heart or marching forward with a fake smile plastered across my face; it’s about claiming ten minutes (for mind, body and soul) to dare remind myself, “and I experienced this beauty too”

And oh…. my…. gawd…. what raw beauty there was!

Thumpity thump thump…

Thumpity thump thump…

Beats my grateful, grateful heart.