Today I am grateful for Sechelt Public Library. I love how easy it is to access all library catalogue’s from across BC and when I wait for my coveted hold to arrive, I basked in the freedom of being able to roam sniffing out the next good read.

Today I am grateful for a peppermint cleaner from a local, zero-waste shop in Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt (Cough: Fills Good) and how it *nearly* turns cleaning into aromatherapy.

Today I am grateful for how easily I accessed fresh fruits and vegetables, and the privilege of feeding my family three square meals today, knowing the nourishment is fueling a body mending itself.

Today I am grateful for the EUREKA epiphany that I can pour the last of the milk that expires tomorrow into an ice cube tray, and I have tiiiinnnyyy little cubes of frozen milk readily available to throw into to the blender for smoothies- feeling VERY proud of myself! LOL

Today I am grateful for a pharmacist that isn’t just a pharmacist, he’s an advocate and an ally, and I love knowing that he’s in my corner and always just a phone call away. Today I am grateful for a grocery store cashier who said to me, “I love the sparkles in your hair” having just come in from the rain. Evidently, the fluorescent overhead lights, combined with silver and raindrops, made it look like I was sparkling.