I love the simplicity of ground/chopped roots that bring an extra savory level to meals; the eye candy that is the colour of bowl of spices.

This afternoon I marveled at music’s ability of music to uplift and put a dance in my step.

For a moment I basked in the delight of watching ribbons ride the wind and deepening my relation to the unseen. The joy of fluttering butterflies and beas going from plant to plant.

I stood happily gobsmacked at the sense of possibility that accompanies a cleared table top or counter.

The power of taking a deep breath and lowering shoulders, the astounding beauty of meditation. Focusing for a moment on the beat in my chest, the pulse in my neck, and the energy that courses throughout my body.  The curious experience of holding space between me and that mischievous random-thought generator mind of mine.

Today I am in awe at the tenacity of the human spirit, and the perseverance in trying again and again and again.

Today I stand in wonder of my place on this spinning rock, and witnessing the rhythms and cycles all around, and the breathtaking beauty of a starry, starry night.

Crazy, freaking grateful.

Thumpity thump thump…

Thumpity thump thump…

Beats my grateful, grateful heart.