Empower Yourself and

Transcend Superstition

There’s a lot of fear based superstition surrounding Mercury retrograde, particularly regarding what we shouldn’t do.  It’s easy to become clenched as to what may lay ahead.  Let’s shift this by exploring what Mercury retrograde actually means and then examine how to powerfully harness the energy.

Be sure to check out important dates at the end of this post! 

Retrograde:  (adj) directed or moving backward

Except for the sun, the moon and earth, all planets retrograde.  The only reason we hear about Mercury retrograding so often is because Mercury retrogrades three or four times each year.

Mercury isn’t going to suddenly defy gravity and begin orbiting around the sun backwards.  Yet within its orbit of the sun, it is going to approach its closest point to the Earth.  

Picture two trains travelling the same direction on parallel tracks.  To those on the faster train, it appears as though the other is moving backwards.

With Mercury travelling so close to earth an optical illusion is created as though the planet is moving backwards.  It’s not.  But given the close proximity of the two planets, energies are amplified and we may experience some static.

About Mercury

Mercury is the ruler of all things communication, expression and travel, which is why the “don’t travel, don’t sign contracts” cautions loom large.

Life goes on, and we’d like to still be able to communicate articulately and  leave the house, so how do we harness the energies of Mercury retrograde?

Refocus, revisit, review, revise.

Mercury retrograde isn’t anything to be wary of. 

It is an invitation to deeply reconnect with our lives, identify what’s working, get clear on what’s not, and consider the changes that will create greater flow. 

This is amazing energy for review and identifying necessary changes.  

Harness the Energy

Identify where Mercury is in your natal chart and what aspects is it making.  

Then investigate where in your chart Mercury is currently travelling.  Identifying the house Mercury is currently in will help you understand what is to be revisited and reviewed

Don’t have your natal chart?  Curious?

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Mercury Retrogrades of 2022

January 13 – February 2

May 9 – June 2

September 8 – October 2

Don’t be swayed by the superstitious hype of Mercury retrograde, instead, consider it an invitation to slow down, become more mindful, reconnect with your breath and take stock of what’s working… and what’s not.

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