On this New Moon week we are in a potent period in between eclipses and a generational planet goes direct after more than five months retrograde.  

As with any endeavour, it is important to honour cycles and ride the natural waves of energy.  Knowing when it is time to stretch and honouring when it is time to rest.

Some of the primary energetic themes this week include:  

  • discerning what your role is both personally and collectively
  • exploring how to put the wisdom, skills and gifts into service, whether personally or professionally
  • getting clear on what is really important to you and what side of history you want to be on
  • deciding if you will finally take action on your own guidance or if you will continue to stuff it, numb it or disconnect from it.

Eclipse Energies

It is my recommendation that on Thursday you begin holding space for yourself and the energies that will accompany the total solar eclipse.  

What do I mean by holding space for yourself?

  • reduce expectations on yourself and others
  • allow lots of time for rest and integration
  • seek stillness, time in nature and other activities that nourish your spirit.

Eclipse energies will likely dissipate by the end of the weekend.

What Side of History Will You Be On?

Less than 30 days after the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, the Federal Government deployed militarized police in an illegal invasion in the name of a pipeline.

This is not what reconciliation looks like to me. 

Social Justice Call To Action

Please join me in supporting the Wet’suwet’en people and territories. 

Learn more at  Unist’ot’en Camp

Consider keeping yourself informed with the following social media accounts:

Gidimt’en Checkpoint
On Canada Project
Wet’suwet’en Checkpoint
Decolonize Myself

Click here to find your member parliament and write them today.

If I have overlooked any links, allies, or additional facts, please understand my learning continues. 

Celestial Guidance Journey

I was plagued by a missing link last week, many thanks to those of you who emailed me inquiring more about the Celestial Guidance journey. 

Are you ready to stop overdoing for others and re-devote yourself to your own wellness?

Want to experience more creativity in your life, honour cycles, and create simple practices that will empower you as deliberate creator of your experience?

Learn more about Celestial Guidance here.

Darn’ tootin’ better believe I triple and quadruple checked that link this week.