This much I know to be true.

I have been here many times before.

I have been a middle eastern fisherman, I have been hanged for being a witch, I have been a philandering womanizer fatally shot by an outraged and betrayed husband.

I have been here before.

So many times.

Each time I opt to return here, I am born into circumstances that progress my Soul’s learning, embarking into a Sacred Contract, the details of which quickly evaporate from my knowing in my first few years of returning. 

This time around I’ve often been told I am “too much”.

Too loud

Too dramatic

Too sensitive

Too tall

Too boisterous

Too weird

Too wounded

Too honest

Too embarrassing

Too real

Always… just too much.

So I splintered. Disconnecting from my Self for the comfort of those around me.

Except… I am done doing that.

I have no more fragmented offerings

No more shattered shards of Self

Behold… my kaleidoscope of broken pieces

Light shining through the ever shifting void.

I know what it’s like to awaken one day and discover you have unknowingly stumbled into a seemingly flat lined existence entrenched in obligation. I also know it takes far more Energy trying to “fit in” then it does to simply be oneself. 

I know the uncertainty and near dread of walking away from a life that does not serve.

I have experienced the resilience of the human spirit when there is no other choice.

I have felt the liberation of beginning over again with nothing more than two young children’s hand holding each of mine.

I know the joy of reconnecting with my Soul.

Reconnecting with my Sacred Contract.

Rediscovering ancient wisdom needing to be resuscitated and practiced today. 

As such I also know the POWER of thoughts and the guidance of our emotions.  I know the magick of deliberate focus and of cultivating gratitude.

The beautifully gooey sweet spot of where who I am meets what I do.

I am a powerful healer.

I am a spiritual teacher.

I am a published author.

I am a captivating speaker.

I am a mystic. 

I am Krystin.

As a mystic, I am an ordained metaphysical minister and proud member of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. Empowering individuals with creating spiritual practices that work for them and supporting them in their reunion with their beloved ‘I Am Presence’.    Expression, creativity and spirituality are three of my top personal core values, and as such I am honoured to create and officiate custom crafted rituals for all of life’s milestones.

Through my written words as an author and spoken expressions as a public speaker I vulnerably share some of the lessons I’ve learned thus far as well as teaching ancient wisdom known as Universal Law.

Teaching Universal Law is one that I resisted the most. But I have learned that resistance that strong is my inner guide’s metal detector going off full blare alerting me to buried treasure below.

Our words hold tremendous power… perhaps that’s why it’s called ‘spelling’.

What we think, the emotions we feel and the words we speak create our day to day reality.

Somehow we disconnected from knowing this.

Ruminating and complaining about our problems is one of our greatest addictions today. 

When I embarked on the journey of The Grateful Jar Project, I realized when I was dedicated in my commitment to find gratitude, I did a lot less complaining. 

Please have a look around, get to know me better, if anything piques your curiosity please don’t hesitate to connect. 

In Love and Light,


Krystin is one of those rare people that walks the talk, and luckily for humankind, her walk is about evolution, love, gratitude, learning the hard lessons and sharing them with the rest of the world. Her writing is funny but penetrating and honest. Her integrity is stronger than the gravitational pull of Jupiter! Congratulations on encountering her you lucky duck, you! 

Paula Howley

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