Learn How To

Harness The Energies Ahead

This sixty-minute webinar replay walks month by month through 2021,  highlighting specific dates, periods and themes for 2021.

  • unearth the elusive periods where all of the planets are direct so you can powerfully embrace this window.
  • learn when specific planets are changing zodiac signs and how that may manifest so you can minimize disruption.
  • receive the dates of all the Mercury Retrogrades for the year so that you can transcend retrograde superstition and be empowered. 
  • determine the dates and placements of all New and Full Moons so you can maximize intention setting and honour times to release.

Plus Receive…

  • “Moons of 2021” e-book summarizing all the dates and details of the New and Full Moons
  • End Of Year Reflections (journal prompts) to support you in honouring all you navigated in 2020.
  • A $30 credit towards any natal chart reading (offer expires March 31, 2021).

Remarkable value for only $15! 

Krystin explains in plain language all things about planets, houses, moon and sun!

Jill Prescott

I have a much clearer vision of my path forward as well as a much beter understanding of astrology. 

Angela Beaumont

Krystin delivers her knowledge and insights of all things astrological with clarity, honesty and efficiency. 

Lauri Paul

About Me…


I am a deeply sensitive intuitive that communicates from the heart.

Having read astrological charts for thousands of individuals, my approachable nature immediately puts my people at ease and I am able relay information in a very easy to understand way. 

For the past three years I have released weekly astrological energy forecasts designed for the viewer to easily apply astrology to their every day, offering strategies to navigate energies and create ease in their week ahead. 

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